PACE Speaker Series - Dr. David Galant

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Friday August 12

7:00 PM  –  8:00 PM

Join David Gallant in a music themed Talk-Back! Conductor of the Kanesville Symphony Orchestra and has previously been invited to conduct at the Dohnányi Conducting Academy in Hungary, the International Institute for Conductors in Bulgaria, and so much more. With a DMA and passion for the performing arts, you’ll love to chat with David. David will talk on the methods of conducting and the art of communication as a conductor. 


Connection in art can be experienced in a multitude of ways. A painter becomes passionately infused into their painting the same way a viewer in a gallery becomes entranced by the finished product. If you simulated this analogy in music the connection would begin with musicians and their linkage to one another. This would then be succeeded by a listener and their appreciation for the audible outcome.


The significant difference between these two examples is that music (many times) requires artistic collaboration between multiple parties. This is typically done in a setting together in the same space.


COVID separated the ensemble and several groups tried using zoom or other online services to keep programs alive. This made creating connection complicated in numerous ways. The most obvious way was that latency prevented the orchestra from staying  consistently together.  As ensembles continued trying to turn rocks into lemonade, we realized it wasn't staying together that was essential. It was the emotional connection that was developed and established among the players. You could say that comradery and team philosophy acts as a beacon of light in an orchestra or choir. It is what defines us as a human species. The need to be with one another when looking into ourselves to find meaning.


This conversation will grapple with the hardships music has encountered this past year. Please join as we delve deeper into these topics.